Hi, I’m Sarah and obviously the best way to start this is by introducing myself, what this blog is about and why I’ve decided to create it.

As the name would suggest this blog is about me, my mother and dementia – her dementia, to be precise. The pain of watching someone you love go through their journey with dementia is quite overwhelming.


I didn’t comprehend just how much hurt and pain it would cause when we first got my Mother’s diagnosis, but here we are five years later still hurting, and if just one person who is going through a similar experience to me reads this and feels a bit better about life then this blog has done its job.

I want this blog to be as honest as possible, which will mean that I will most likely say some things that are shocking and may upset some, but that will never be my intention. I want to share my thoughts and feelings about dementia in the hope that it will help in some way. I want to draw attention to dementia, the cruelty of it, the faults in the social care system, the battle a loved one goes through living with dementia, and what it’s like to care for someone with dementia.


I’ll speak about how having a diagnosis of dementia doesn’t mean your life is over. My mother and step-father showed such brave stoicism in the face of such a devastating diagnosis, and managed to live the best life they could in the little remaining time they had together.

I will also talk a little about myself, and a lot about my mother and who she was. Because if nothing else, I owe this to her.  And lastly, I’ll no doubt talk about my constant battle with talking about her in the past tense… because although she is very much alive, the woman I knew and adored is all but gone.

Oh and one more thing; if you have a mother or loved one with dementia – don’t watch the film ‘Still Alice’! Unless of course you fancy going through ten boxes of tissues and you like having puffy eyes for days (although it is a great film)!

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